Are You In Need of Rescue Bookkeeping?

Do you feel that time runs away from you because you’re too busy running your business? Is it BAS time again and you’re dreading the long hours you’d have to spend to get it done?

Or maybe you had someone who you thought you could trust but got it all wrong because of their inexperience?

You know you’re in dire need of rescue bookkeeping when your answer is ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Has your bookkeeping problem taken over your office?
  • Does it keep you awake at night?
  • Do you have no idea where to start?
  • Are you anxious that you’ll be in trouble with the ATO?
  • Have you lost track of how much tax or GST you owe?
  • Do you feel you’re completely in the dark?

About Business Bookkeeping Doesn’t Leave A Single Stone Unturned

Essentially though, we will do whatever it takes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of the issues our BAS Agents can address include:

  • Bank accounts or credit cards that don’t reconcile with the Statements
  • Old unpresented transactions in the bank account or credit card
  • Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors don’t balance with the Balance Sheet
  • The Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors aren’t “real” i.e. outstanding invoices and bills have already been paid but still showing as outstanding
  • Incorrect previously lodged BAS’
  • Payroll Categories that are incorrectly set up, therefore, giving you incorrect information in Payslips, AL & SL Accruals, incorrect Tax
  • Tables, SGC Calculations, and Income Statements

The implications of these issues are:

  • You may be paying the wrong GST, Tax, and Superannuation
  • You may be subject to penalties, fines, and interest
  • You may be making strategic business decisions based on unreliable figures with dire consequences

How We Can Help

We can help you take back control of your financial situation with our team of highly skilled and dedicated BAS Agents.

Here are the specific ways About Business Bookkeeping can help:

Review Your Existing Financial Records
Review your existing financial records

Update Your Accounting Records
Update your accounting records

Organise Your Accounting Paperwork
Organise your accounting paperwork

Settle Overdue Gst, Payg, And Super
Settle overdue GST, PAYG, and Super

Work Out Your Problems With Ato
Work out your problems with ATO

Deliver Accurate And Reliable Financial Information
Deliver accurate and reliable financial information for sound decision-making

Whether you are a new business owner or an experienced one, it is still possible to find yourself in a mess or fall behind on reporting and tax deadlines. During the initial consultation, after completing a personalised “Health Check”, we will explain what the problems are and what needs to happen to transform your data into a source that provides you with reliable information.

Let us remove confusion, fear, and uncertainty, and replace them with clarity, freedom, and control. Drop us a message and let’s get started!

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