Company Overview

About Business Bookkeeping is a growing bookkeeping firm that offers outsourced bookkeeping, start-up business set up and training, as well as rescue jobs for small businesses.

Its founder and director, Jacqui Cubis, has been independently providing bookkeeping services since 2006. Drawing from almost 20 years of solid experience in the finance industry and equipped with the latest cloud-based technologies, Jacqui and her growing team of BAS Agents are dedicated to empowering small business owners to stay on top of their finances and achieve their goals.

Our Core Values

Our secret to staying competitive and the leading choice among small businesses is our core set of values that don’t change as the economy does. The following 5 core values are set in stone and guide the whole business operation, processes, and systems of About Business Bookkeeping.

Five Star Service

Five Star Service -We deliver excellent quality of service that you can expect from a large firm while giving you that small-firm customer service and personalised connection.

Open And Honest Communication

Open and honest communication – We forge strong client relationships built on mutual trust and respect through open and honest communication.

Integrity In What We Say And Do

Integrity in what we say and do – We maintain long-lasting partnerships with our clients by staying true to our words and delivering beyond expectation.

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement – We stay on top of the latest industry trends and technologies, as well as conduct ongoing training for our staff so we can continue serving our clients better.

Positive Team And Family Spirit

Positive team and family spirit – We have a healthy synergy within our team, resulting in high efficiency and exceptional results.

How We Work: Cloud-based Service Delivery

As a modern bookkeeping firm, About Business Bookkeeping was one the first companies to embrace the power of cloud technology to help small businesses to stay flexible and competitive.

Here’s how our cloud-based approach can help:


Accuracy – Ease your burden and avoid errors and compliance risks associated with manual processing. With cloud-based systems, the whole process can be fully automated, making duplicate entries, fraud, and other discrepancies easier to detect.


Collaboration – View and edit your financial information anytime and anywhere, even through your mobile device. Cloud applications can make it easy for your in-house team to collaborate with our team and stay connected with your data.

Free Storage

Free Storage – Everything is done online, which means you don’t need to install anything. Updates are also done regularly and automatically. With this, you can save from overhead costs and other fees, as these are managed by the cloud service provider.


Security – Cloud technology provides backup functionality to prevent the risk of data loss. You also have control over the private access to confidential data.


Integration – Our cloud-based systems can integrate with other powerful apps, boosting their functionality and flexibility. If you have specific needs such as a payroll system or a management tool, you can discuss it with us and we can integrate them as add-ons to your main system.


Efficiency – Through cloud-based accounting systems, processes can be streamlined and overall efficiency and productivity can be improved. Aside from giving you more time to focus on revenue-generating activities, a clear overview of your finances can also help you make better business decisions.

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